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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Imagine Where

Here we have an interesting compendium of original resources from a land in East Africa to examine.
Can you look at this picture and cite where and/or why on earth it was ever shot. Hint: an East African nation. Match 90% Kenya. Match 80%Uganda. Match 40% Tanzania. Match 90% Malawi. Match 0% Ethiopia.Settle for two highest factoring selectees:
Odds: Kenya is a savannah land. Evens. There are swampy grounds aplenty in formally tse tse fly-prone marshlands of Western Kenya and the Coast. Besides, almost any rain puddle in the world can look like this.
Universal odds(Kenya): almost any puddle of mud can look this way. Universal evens (Kenya)-possible location (no GPS) prevails.
Odds: Malawi is warm, tropical country. Evens. There are swampy grounds around Lake Malawi and other reservoirs in the country.
Universal odds (Malawi): It is possible for any place in the world to have a puddle mired in slime like this one.  Universal evens (Malawi) No other region other than East Africa is featured here (only GPS placement is lacking).
Assessment: Since all odds point to Kenya and evens too, and the fact that the photographer hails from this land, we do not need scientific Geo-maps or the date of the picture but to conclude that the picture is taken in any part of Kenya during the rainy season, March though May or October through December. Facts rest.